Visual Literacy Week 3 – Line

This week we did some observational drawing using easels, i had not used an easel before but it was fairly easy to set up and i found a position i was comfortable with. I did find it a tiny bit tiring standing up for that amount of time since i’m not quite used to it yet, and it required a lot more upper body movement than i had anticipated. I had only worked on smaller scales around A4 size but it wasn’t much harder to work on a bigger scale. The object we all drew was a box with cloths and towels over it. However i did not finish, time went by quickly for me.


Word – Line


I drew this based on the phrase “reading between the lines” and created something literal out of it


In this a line shows a clear separation point on this planet but at the same time its joining it together, i got this idea from looking at a tennis ball and how the ridges make it look like the ball is in sections even though the line is what makes those two sections a ball


Lines make up most of everything on earth and i tried to show this through a few objects found in a house, making lineart like this shows the form of these objects in a raw form and that these lines help us to identify what they are


another thing i think about with lines is balance and how a straight line can easily maintain its height no matter how much the width is stretched outwards and vice versa, and it will always have a central point


this sketch is to show a line between reality and fantasy, one side being a normal horse and then on the other wings start to appear on it


Lines can also show age, for example in tree trunks or wrinkles on someones face can give someone an idea of how old each of the two are


Elementary Animation Week 3

We reviewed the first principle of animation, squash and stretch. For example how a bouncing ball changes shape throughout its journey, becoming more stretched out as it moves faster. The change, or lack of change in an objects shape can help show the audience what type of material the object of interest is made of or just help them understand it better overall. Squash and stretch seems important to me as it is key in showing expression on a face for example to communicate the emotions the character is feeling. Also on objects use of no squashing or stretching shows the object to be quite solid whereas using squash and stretching can make it become more like rubber.

The practical session consisted of us turning our flip book into a digital animation, i was already familiar with flash but i hadn’t used it properly in a couple of months so it was a good review for me.



I’ve had a look at other projects that involve drones of some sort and the goals for them are around £125,000. In a realistic sense my project will need a lot more funding considering the capabilities my robot will have, such as voice recognition, the ability to map the desk into data in which they can then proceed to map out a path, proximity sensors etc.
£125,000 is a good starting point to branch out from since this is enough to fund a drones motion and detection capabilities. There is another project I have researched which it the Night Terrors Augmented Reality Survival Horror Game, a campaign created on, the project involves a augmented reality game that uses environment mapping through use of accelerometer based mapping, the same type of mapping I will use in my Buddy Bot. The pricing they ask for is around £45,000.
Voice recognition is also key to the Buddy Bot’s functions, I compared what i would need from it to the cost of a well known voice recognition software, SIRI which cost $24 million for investors to start it up. Since I will only need to develop a simpler system of voice recognition the cost should be a lot lower than a mobile agent that can understand speech, speak back, interact with other apps, understand different languages and search the internet for directions or information etc.
All together I would say my project would need a £900,000 budget based on my research.

Starting Ideas

I have noted down everything i can think i need on my page so far in note form

My project i have decided on is the Buddy bot – A miniature desktop droid that responds to voice commands and collects anything you command it and brings it to you providing it is light enough to carry it.

My product will most likely impact those who are between the ages of 16 to 25 considering its niche purpose and the fact it can be considered a gadget. I do not think that the project is biased towards a gender either and that both can make the most of it.

To expand my ideas further i brainstormed some idea on paper and started linking possibilities to work from




What is Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is where people go to get funding from or provide funding to those who share a similar interest in an idea. Many projects can be made ranging from artwork using forks and collecting funding to go on a worldwide expedition. Those who donate are in turn giving a chance for the idea to prosper if the goal is reached and they also receive rewards based on how much they donate.

I will be using this site to design a campaign for my own product

Dynamic Communications Week 2

In the lecture i learned what made a well designed and poorly designed blog. Colour is important and its best to stick to a colour scheme that is not too bright, making sure the text is able to be read and stands out enough from the colour that it is placed on, i was an example of a website that did not do this correctly and it was so difficult to read most of it and the colours strained my eyes and was overwhelming. I learned that my choice of colours can be guided by the theme i choose for my blog and audience. Other do’s and dont’s were address and i kept note of them in hopes that i create a decently designed blog.

The practical session was for us to set up our blogs and customize them, i had already done it by the time the class started so i just fiddled around with a bit more and experimented with WordPress further.

Visual Literacy Week 2 – Culture

IMAG1531I visited the Mc Manus art gallery for class, it was good to look around at the art and objects on display but for me galleries are not that exciting and i haven’t drawn any inspiration from them as of yet. I think it is because i learn more by seeing how the artwork is produced rather than seeing the full picture of the final product. Also standing and sketching is hard for me if the subject doesn’t entice me enough, but it will be something i will have to get used to.

Word – Culture


I created this with the idea of the melting pot in mind, the idea behind the melting pot is loads of different cultures coming together into one country and i have represented this using colours


These are sketches i made of the exhibits from the gallery, both of which are from Scottish history showing some of its culture


One their flag in place of the stars i drew things that symbolize a few elements of culture America has, them being baseball, American football and apple pie. I put them on the flag because Americans show a lot of love for their country


I did alot of aboriginal art when i was really young but it was only until recently i discovered it originated from Australia, which gave me the idea to use the art to recreate part of Australia flag


This idea is a photo manipulation i created using photoshop, it is to represent the many different cultures that form together to make the world that we live in now


Art styles can be a part of culture too, this is an eye i created using photoshop the borders between a real eye and anime which is an art style originating in the east, it being more of the latter

Elementary Animation Week 2

The lecture consisted of going over the physics used in animation, i already know a bit about physics but probably no where near enough to take me through the course. To be honest, even though i knew physics are necessary in most animations, i didn’t expect to be learning about it in class.

I was made aware that there are 12 principles of animation which i expected to start learning in the next class, if not in my own time. And we also went over a few of newtons laws.

The practical session was very entertaining for me, we went back to basics with learning about the bouncing ball. How it is fastest on its descent and sometime just right after it hit the floor, and the slowest point being when the ball is at its highest point. After reviewing that i made a flip-book animation using a stack of Post-It notes, i was a bit unsure about it as I’m used to using Adobe Flash and rely a lot on its Onion Skin feature which shows your where the last frame was positioned however, i realized that i could just about see the pencil marks of the last Post-It note through the paper so it worked out.


A problem i faced was the ball shrinking in size by the time it got to the end of the flip book, meaning i had to go back and redraw them.

Dynamic Communications Week 1

As a class we went through what we would be doing in the class over the term and what we will need, then the project was introduced. We have to create a kickstarter project, doing research and designing images and the products. What we based the kickstarter project on is entirely up to us. we looked at examples which game me a good idea for what i wanted to produce and looking at already existing kickstarters helped me to think creatively about my own.

In our practical class we drew black squares, it seemed weird to me at first but the idea behind the class was pretty interesting. I had to draw 4 black squares to represent each of the words:

Excited, Paranoid, Tired, Congested, Playful and Order

Here is what i drew:


Top – Order, Congested   Middle – Playful, Excited   Bottom – Paranoid, Tired

After that we got into groups and using a different groups images we were to collectively decide which one was the best solution to the word. This helped me get used to gathering ideas in a group to find one outcome, something i will most likely need in my future and current classes.

I was surprised to see how many people drew the four boxes in the same way for one of the words, some even drew the same as me but put them under a different word than I chose.

My Groups Solutions:

DC Week 1-2

Top – Order, Playful   Middle – Paranoid, Congested   Bottom – Excited, Tired

Visual Literacy Week 1 – Explore

Class – We got into groups and discussed concept artists that we liked and ones that we didn’t like, i found this hard because i have barely looked at any concept work as my interest in digital art lies in texture design rather than concept art. Even though i couldn’t contribute anything about concept artists i did talk to my group about my interest in texture design and who i have learned from

Below is an example of a texture artist that i like, she goes by the name MiniTigress when uploading her work. The reason i like this is not just because of the detail but how she uses shading to bring out the different layers of the costume which is very effective since these texture are to be put onto flat models. I also like her style of how it still keeps an element of a cartoon like design which is true to the style of the game it will be implemented in but also that the costume has a deal of believably in the shading and layout

Word – This week we were given the word Explore to sketch/create ideas for:

For these words i decided to ask people what the word means to them and create idea from them

Explore 1

Being able to venture out into forests and places you haven’t seen before – Using water colours i made a small painting of a wooded area, an area untouched and wild to show that it hasnt been explored.

Explore 2

The universe, finding new planets to explore – using a telescope as the symbol of exploration i place it on the planet in this drawing

Explore 3

Exploring the mind and yourself to find ideas – part of the top of the head has been taken out to show the brain and then theres a traveler climbing up rope to get to it, i made the brain large to show that there is alot to explore and the traveler is a symbol of us delving into our minds to find something new

Explore 4

Curiosity, like small animals trying to make sense of the world around them – a digital painting i made for this idea, this creature has its eyes opened wide to show it taking in the surroundings as much as it can as well as being mildly surprise at the same time


Finding a new world or level in a game to explore – this idea is pretty self explanatory, the portal created show a new world to explore


Searching really far for something – i took this persons comment and turned it into this treasure map as those searching for this treasure have to travel great lengths to obtain it, a great deal of exploration