Sound and Motion Week 1

Went over how the course would be taken and the this we will have to do over the coming term, I was assigned 2 tasks to complete, one being the creation of a GIF and the other a 30 second trailer based on an existing board game.

A GIF is a moving picture, a string of images played in a sequence and is usually found on website, I have made a GIF before using both Photoshop and Adobe Flash. For this task i will probably use Flash to create a looping GIF and i shouldn’t have too much trouble considering i have made one before. The other project is to make a creative representative of a board game in the form of a trailer, in the class i have already thought of some ideas and have found someone at home to help me set things up.

My Gif:

Untitled-2I wanted to make something comedic, and memes are the best source of comedic gifs on the internet. So i made a gif in the style of a meme

I am looking forward to learning new ways to use software using Premiere Pro to link sound and motion together in this class and improve on the knowledge i already have, i think i will have a lot of fun with the project.


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