Dynamic Communications Week 1

As a class we went through what we would be doing in the class over the term and what we will need, then the project was introduced. We have to create a kickstarter project, doing research and designing images and the products. What we based the kickstarter project on is entirely up to us. we looked at examples which game me a good idea for what i wanted to produce and looking at already existing kickstarters helped me to think creatively about my own.

In our practical class we drew black squares, it seemed weird to me at first but the idea behind the class was pretty interesting. I had to draw 4 black squares to represent each of the words:

Excited, Paranoid, Tired, Congested, Playful and Order

Here is what i drew:


Top – Order, Congested   Middle – Playful, Excited   Bottom – Paranoid, Tired

After that we got into groups and using a different groups images we were to collectively decide which one was the best solution to the word. This helped me get used to gathering ideas in a group to find one outcome, something i will most likely need in my future and current classes.

I was surprised to see how many people drew the four boxes in the same way for one of the words, some even drew the same as me but put them under a different word than I chose.

My Groups Solutions:

DC Week 1-2

Top – Order, Playful   Middle – Paranoid, Congested   Bottom – Excited, Tired


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