Elementary Animation Week 1

In the class i was shown examples of already existing stop motion shorts that people have made and in terms of animation i don’t like stop motion very much, i prefer working using the computer and software to create something that looks more fluid and make easier transitions, one thing i did learn is that animated films follow the rule of using 24 frames/pictures per second. Our class was given the task of making a stop motion short and we split into groups which we then chose a theme for another group to base their stop motion short on, my group was given the theme Titanic. A hard one for me to think of ideas for.

Though we had a slow start we did create something using our theme, our group traveled off campus down to the discovery center where there was plenty of water to include in our short and used distance effectively by having someone stand far away and then moved a paper boat close to the camera to make it appear as if that person was on the boat. We had fun making it even though our final outcome probably isn’t as good as it could have been but we worked hard on it, we’ll get better as we learn more about animation through the coming term.


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