Visual Literacy Week 1 – Explore

Class – We got into groups and discussed concept artists that we liked and ones that we didn’t like, i found this hard because i have barely looked at any concept work as my interest in digital art lies in texture design rather than concept art. Even though i couldn’t contribute anything about concept artists i did talk to my group about my interest in texture design and who i have learned from

Below is an example of a texture artist that i like, she goes by the name MiniTigress when uploading her work. The reason i like this is not just because of the detail but how she uses shading to bring out the different layers of the costume which is very effective since these texture are to be put onto flat models. I also like her style of how it still keeps an element of a cartoon like design which is true to the style of the game it will be implemented in but also that the costume has a deal of believably in the shading and layout

Word – This week we were given the word Explore to sketch/create ideas for:

For these words i decided to ask people what the word means to them and create idea from them

Explore 1

Being able to venture out into forests and places you haven’t seen before – Using water colours i made a small painting of a wooded area, an area untouched and wild to show that it hasnt been explored.

Explore 2

The universe, finding new planets to explore – using a telescope as the symbol of exploration i place it on the planet in this drawing

Explore 3

Exploring the mind and yourself to find ideas – part of the top of the head has been taken out to show the brain and then theres a traveler climbing up rope to get to it, i made the brain large to show that there is alot to explore and the traveler is a symbol of us delving into our minds to find something new

Explore 4

Curiosity, like small animals trying to make sense of the world around them – a digital painting i made for this idea, this creature has its eyes opened wide to show it taking in the surroundings as much as it can as well as being mildly surprise at the same time


Finding a new world or level in a game to explore – this idea is pretty self explanatory, the portal created show a new world to explore


Searching really far for something – i took this persons comment and turned it into this treasure map as those searching for this treasure have to travel great lengths to obtain it, a great deal of exploration


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