I’ve had a look at other projects that involve drones of some sort and the goals for them are around £125,000. In a realistic sense my project will need a lot more funding considering the capabilities my robot will have, such as voice recognition, the ability to map the desk into data in which they can then proceed to map out a path, proximity sensors etc.
£125,000 is a good starting point to branch out from since this is enough to fund a drones motion and detection capabilities. There is another project I have researched which it the Night Terrors Augmented Reality Survival Horror Game, a campaign created on indiegogo.com, the project involves a augmented reality game that uses environment mapping through use of accelerometer based mapping, the same type of mapping I will use in my Buddy Bot. The pricing they ask for is around £45,000.
Voice recognition is also key to the Buddy Bot’s functions, I compared what i would need from it to the cost of a well known voice recognition software, SIRI which cost $24 million for investors to start it up. Since I will only need to develop a simpler system of voice recognition the cost should be a lot lower than a mobile agent that can understand speech, speak back, interact with other apps, understand different languages and search the internet for directions or information etc.
All together I would say my project would need a £900,000 budget based on my research.


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