Elementary Animation Week 2

The lecture consisted of going over the physics used in animation, i already know a bit about physics but probably no where near enough to take me through the course. To be honest, even though i knew physics are necessary in most animations, i didn’t expect to be learning about it in class.

I was made aware that there are 12 principles of animation which i expected to start learning in the next class, if not in my own time. And we also went over a few of newtons laws.

The practical session was very entertaining for me, we went back to basics with learning about the bouncing ball. How it is fastest on its descent and sometime just right after it hit the floor, and the slowest point being when the ball is at its highest point. After reviewing that i made a flip-book animation using a stack of Post-It notes, i was a bit unsure about it as I’m used to using Adobe Flash and rely a lot on its Onion Skin feature which shows your where the last frame was positioned however, i realized that i could just about see the pencil marks of the last Post-It note through the paper so it worked out.


A problem i faced was the ball shrinking in size by the time it got to the end of the flip book, meaning i had to go back and redraw them.


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