Visual Literacy Week 2 – Culture

IMAG1531I visited the Mc Manus art gallery for class, it was good to look around at the art and objects on display but for me galleries are not that exciting and i haven’t drawn any inspiration from them as of yet. I think it is because i learn more by seeing how the artwork is produced rather than seeing the full picture of the final product. Also standing and sketching is hard for me if the subject doesn’t entice me enough, but it will be something i will have to get used to.

Word – Culture


I created this with the idea of the melting pot in mind, the idea behind the melting pot is loads of different cultures coming together into one country and i have represented this using colours


These are sketches i made of the exhibits from the gallery, both of which are from Scottish history showing some of its culture


One their flag in place of the stars i drew things that symbolize a few elements of culture America has, them being baseball, American football and apple pie. I put them on the flag because Americans show a lot of love for their country


I did alot of aboriginal art when i was really young but it was only until recently i discovered it originated from Australia, which gave me the idea to use the art to recreate part of Australia flag


This idea is a photo manipulation i created using photoshop, it is to represent the many different cultures that form together to make the world that we live in now


Art styles can be a part of culture too, this is an eye i created using photoshop the borders between a real eye and anime which is an art style originating in the east, it being more of the latter


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