Visual Literacy Week 3 – Line

This week we did some observational drawing using easels, i had not used an easel before but it was fairly easy to set up and i found a position i was comfortable with. I did find it a tiny bit tiring standing up for that amount of time since i’m not quite used to it yet, and it required a lot more upper body movement than i had anticipated. I had only worked on smaller scales around A4 size but it wasn’t much harder to work on a bigger scale. The object we all drew was a box with cloths and towels over it. However i did not finish, time went by quickly for me.


Word – Line


I drew this based on the phrase “reading between the lines” and created something literal out of it


In this a line shows a clear separation point on this planet but at the same time its joining it together, i got this idea from looking at a tennis ball and how the ridges make it look like the ball is in sections even though the line is what makes those two sections a ball


Lines make up most of everything on earth and i tried to show this through a few objects found in a house, making lineart like this shows the form of these objects in a raw form and that these lines help us to identify what they are


another thing i think about with lines is balance and how a straight line can easily maintain its height no matter how much the width is stretched outwards and vice versa, and it will always have a central point


this sketch is to show a line between reality and fantasy, one side being a normal horse and then on the other wings start to appear on it


Lines can also show age, for example in tree trunks or wrinkles on someones face can give someone an idea of how old each of the two are


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