Sound and Motion Week 5

The class started off with us learning about audio file types, the three types are as follows:

Uncompressed – ( Examples .wav WAVE, .aiff AIFF )

Used for Tv, Radio, DVD, CD. It is an industry standard audio file with the best quality you can get, the reason they are used on game and video is because the quality has not been tampered with through use of compression. Their quality is called high because of their sample rate and bit depth. 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bit depth is more than good enough, however professional equipment an capture sound at a 48 kHz sample rate and 24 bit depth.

Lossless – ( Example .flac FLAC )

Used by DJ’s. The quality of lossless audio files are still high and are only slightly compressed. What the compression does is rid the audio file of sections where it detects nothing playing.

Lossy – ( Examples .mp3, .ogg)

Mostly used for web. It has a reduced frequency response since the sampling is slower, mp3 audio files also cannot loop as they leave a gap of silence before it starts playing again though for single shot sound use at 192 kbits/s quality is hard to tell the different from other formats.

Movie Audio Formats

AAC advance audio coding used in mpeg quicktime mov flash flv

Free, Royalty Free Websites

Our second task in the class was to import a file and folder into adobe Premiere Pro, i had already done this in college so i reminded myself of how to do this:




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