Elementary Animation Week 4

We moved on from flash onto 3D animation using Maya, i hadn’t used Maya before so everything we learned was new to me. We started off buy going over the process of creating shapes, rotating them, scaling them and changing their position. To review what we learned we each built towers using these shape, i didn’t find this too difficult but that short cuts that we learned for Maya will probably be forgotten by me until i use the program more often.

Maya also has an option to view the scene at different angles, being someone who uses flash and 2D animation this was a new thing to me. The different angles helped me to properly align shapes together and was very useful, something i’ll definitely be using in the future.

IMAG1548After creating the tower we moved onto animation using Maya, it had some similar tools to flash such as keyframes and ghosting, which is similar to the onion skin tool. Maya is a little different though as you set the keyframes and it fills in the rest for you between those two frames which you can then tweak later. I thought this would be great and easier when i first heard about it but tweaking it was a lot harder than i though and will take practice, the place where you edit the frames Maya puts in looks like a timeline, and you edit the X axis, Y axis of the stretch, rotation etc. until you get a motion you’re happy with.


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