Elementary Animation Week 5

In the lab we talked about loglines, similar to how newspaper article headlines are they have a subject which is usually a person/people or an object and they have some sort of conflict or event. The loglines are short and give a very brief overview of what happened, because of this the logline can be very vague and triggers many different scenarios in your mind until you read a more in depth story about it.

We split into groups and started creating our own, due a mistake i made i was creating loglines without knowing that they would be the subject of our animations. because of this the creativity of my loglines were limited compared to the others in the group.

We shared our 3 best loglines our group had and pitched then to another group to gain feedback on them and develop our ideas further. it was interesting to hear the other groups’ ideas and how they overcame some obstacle such as people having different art styles or methods of animating.


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