Visual Literacy Week 4 – Fresh

We did our class at home for this week due to our teacher being ill. From tutorial videos i refreshed my skills in using Photoshop, however there wasn’t anything new that i learned which i was a little disappointed in. I have already explored Photoshop in depth before starting this course.

Word – FreshIMAG1624.jpg

Refreshment, a word which branches off from fresh in my mind. I used pencil to draw a running tap pouring a glass of water since water has to be one of the most refreshing things you can drink


Fruits are full of juice and sweetness, and fresh vegetables and fruit are another thing that come to mind when i think of the word. I used watercolours instead of pencil this time to show the life in the apple.


Fresh can also be seen as making a new start which i represented by drawing a pile of blank sheets of paper that are awaiting ideas to fill them.


In terms of scents and smells the think to express freshness would be a flower, something most people would use to represent a fresh scent. I chose to draw this in pencil for a reason so you can see the light hitting the petals more easily and making the flower appear more young and new without signs of dying


Meat was something that i found interesting to do with this topic, take for example a newborn lamb, it would be considered fresh since it is a newborn however it loses that as it matures. Once the lamb is prepared to be eaten and the meat taken away and separated, the lamb is then considered to be fresh again.happle.png

People consider staying fit and healthy to be keeping themselves fresh apart from hygiene and cleanliness, digitally painting an fruit in the shape of a heart was the best way i could portray this and that eating healthily has a direct effect on their mindset to keep fresh


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