Dynamic Communiaction Week 4

Simple drawings and sketches can quickly explain the point you are tying to make when it comes to art and design, for example in the lecture we had about a minute to draw a simplified version of a file window on the computer, if we were writing or talking about the layout it would take much longer to explain. Key elements of the sketches are important for communication too, such as expressions or drawing lines to represent movement

We put these ideas into practice in the practical, creating a 6 panel series of instructions on how to boil an egg without using words or numbers. I did not find it that difficult to explain the process using pictures however it did take a bit of time to figure out how to show time passing without using numbers.

The first image is of the instructions i did on my own, and the second is the final set of instructions that my group collaborated on.

IMAG1558IMAG15561st Box – We showed everything you need to start, an egg in hand and pouring water into the pan

2nd Box – We added a clock and flames under the pan to show it being on the stove, with a few lines to signify steam

3rd Box – Another clock was added to show the passage of time, with more steam to show the water is more hot

4th Box – We show that you need something to take the egg out so you dont burn yourself

5th & 6th Box – We had an issue with these since at the 5th stage some would consider the egg ready while some would peel the egg in the 6th box.


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