Dynamic Communications Week 3

In the lecture went over what makes a decent skecthbook, it must contain all our ideas both good and bad and show how we have gradually developed our ideas. While i was watching the videos on how current artists and designers build up their sketchbook and in my opinion their skecthbooks look really full, as in you can see what ideas they were trying to explore, using pictures, colours and annotations. I have used a skecthbook before in college but the way i structured it was very different from how these artists used theirs, for this course i decided i will make it for like the sketchbooks shown and experiment with textures too.

In the lab we expanded on an idea that we can use in sketchbooks, moodboards. we were to choose from one of three themes, i have long since forgotten the other two however the one i chose was A New Chapter. Before the creation of the mood board i made a quick spider diagram to gather my thoughts.


I then paired up with someone and shared my ideas, i found this very productive since or ideas merged together very well. My idea of using a book was used and their idea of using colour to separate the old and the new pages from each other. We both decided using our separate pages to create a collaboration and using an overall theme of gaming pictures to tie all the images together.



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