Dynamic Communications Week 5

I saw example of other companies logos and how they have changed over the years in the lecture class, some of the reasons being that the logo may have had unwanted connotations due to its design and also the colour pallete used is specific in a sense that the company uses the meanings of those colours to further the appeal of the logo. Logo’s are also best to be minimalist in opposed to very detailed, this is because of both the fact that when you shrink the logo down you will still be able to see it clearly whereas a detailed logo will become less clear, also logo’s that use less colours will take less money to print and reproduce.

If i am to take anything away from that for my own logo it is that the colours are important if i want to successfully get the feel and message of my kickstarter campaign across to my audience. I am not planning to make my logo very complicated and will limit it to 3 colours at most, because of this i dont think that the image of my logo will have any connotations that will reflect badly on my product.

In the practical we learned about illustrator, it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. In the past i really avoided using it because i was used to using photoshop. We started off my getting a feel of the layout, i managed to create a custom desktop layout that i can switch to and it will make the tools i need easier to access.

To get used to the software we were told to create 35 different unique shapes using the shape tool and the anchor tool, after we had completed that we were to move onto creating a logo. I wasn’t too great at using the anchor tool but i gradually learned more about how it worked and selecting the right parts.



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