Dynamic Communications Week 6

This lecture was honestly a little confusing to me, i have work to catch up on so i will review the lecture notes later and add an edit to this post. We looked at logos again in more depth to their design and meaning, it is important to use continuity in your logos and the shapes of said logo in order to avoid confusion, for example using a green circle in one logo and a yellow triangle in the other will be likely to make the audience think the logos belong to two separate companies.

Speaking of which incongruous and mixed branding can also be confusing due to how many different signals it gives to the audience, if it inst clear enough if the companies are working together or if the branding is advertising the surrounding logos or if it is just there as a standalone logo. I’ll need to know this for if my campaign will have sponsors and will make me consider how i will display their logos in a way what wont be misunderstood.

In the next class i got even more familiar with using illustrator, we created typography that filled the page and the nature of the typography was to express the word we had to edit creatively.

This time around it was much more easier to use the software though i did forget to switch to the layout that i saved in the last lesson.


Dizzy.pngtired.pngGreedy.pngRep.pngHot Cold.png


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