Logo 2

Already existing logos do not have that many colours that they use, its about three at most. My class taught me that this is to cut down costs of reprinting the logo. The ones i have gathered use block colours and only one of them uses shading thought it is only in a small area.

IMAG1564 IMAG1565

My idea was to follow these conventions, but there is one more thing i would like to add which involves shapes. A circle. Circles are well received by most genders and since my product inst biased towards one then i find this choice to benefit my logo.

This is my final logo, i had experimented with other colours too before deciding to use the orange. I have also used my idea of circles in it and have used only two colours which will keep costs down for reprinting it. It is also not very detailed and can be shrunk down to smaller sizes.

ac3d23aa8347e3602b7ecfff1e4a7485 KickLogo

My visual style for the kickstarter is starting to show through, using orange white and grey as the main colours and keeping a relatively technological theme, as i have said earlier orange is a very inviting and warm colour which will make the audience more welcome and the use of circles is also a plus.


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