Reward And Stretch Ideas

To help me get an idea of how to space out rewards and what to give a rewards i have looked at other kickstarter projects to do with technology. This helped me a lot in deciding on which approach i will take to this.

Reward Ideas:

Customised Voice Command – Instead of activating the buddy bot using the command “Buddy Bot” They will have their buddy bot customised to be activated by a different phrase of their choice

Pattern Pack 1 – Receive the Malebot and Fembot shell casings

Pattern Pack 2 – Receive the Malebot, Fembot, Camo, Shock and Sunrise shell casings

T-shirt – A T-shirt with a buddy bot printed on it

Name on The Wall Of Backers – On the website their name will be put on the backers page

Early Bot (limited amount) – Receive a buddy bot early before official release

Two Bots One Stone (limited amount) – Receive 2 buddy bots early before official release

Beta Model (5) – Recieve a beta model that was used for testing

Book of Creation – Recieve a copy of a book which contains all plans, blueprints and sketches of the creation of the buddybot

Stretch Ideas:

Wider vocabulary programmed into the buddy bots database

New retail price is £19.99

A Giveaway

I have also made draft versions of how i want these rewards and stretch goals visualised on the page:



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