Visual Literacy Week 5 – Movement

Word – Movement


In animation you have a string of pictures that are strung together and shown own after another to create the illusion of movement. What i did here was merge what each picture would be into one composition. It is still but you can still see the journey

Modes of transport is another idea that sprouted off from movement, creating silhouettes of these modes of transportation. I didn’t want to add a background at all and i used no shading because i want the attention to be focused on the transportation methods


Objects in motion can create movement around them, this drawing shows a bullet going at high speed, so fast wind flows around the bullet


This is an robotic creature that leans towards the style of steampunk, i wanted to show a cross between mechanical objects that move and as well as animals. Showing both as one to be living, breathing.


The last is to do with political movements: the labour party, liberal democrats and conservative. I based the sizes and numbers in the composition on how many votes they received, with conservative gaining the most thus the large tree. Labour second so i painted a few roses, and liberal democrats last of the three.


This watercolour idea shows flow in movement and how one motion can seamlessly merge into another to create a larger motion, which is shown through the streams getting split up into separate streams but then flowing into each other afterwards



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