Visual Literacy Week 6 – Propaganda

Word – Propaganda


This is based on propaganda found on tv and media, most if not all propaganda is advertised through media, to show this i used the iconic “you” with the pointing finger on the tv to make it look like an advert and show how adverts are talking directly at us to persuade



The fist is from the “power to the people” poster, and i decided to make a more literal approach with it by adding electricity around it in the same style to add to its effectiveness


The idea here is based on one of the types of propaganda to make a person or group feel guilt in not doing something that everyone else is, the number two being told to join the other number in a line with the gap in the line to show that its needed


Covering up the bad things with the good. A house that has a nice exterior but behind it there are only two wooden stands holding the front up in place. Those who first see that house will like it however when they get into it they will know its not what it seems


Campaigns that make it personal to you to create favour for themselves, using well known images or logos is a good way of doing this. In this poster it is showing the Google and facebook logo peeking at “you” which is the direct part about it


Propaganda that share your point of view and tells you that it is always right and everyone else is looking at it the wrong way


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