Visual Literacy Week 7 – Code

Word – CodeIMAG1640

I did the same process again where i asked what the word code meant to them, my first response was binary. I took that and i created the word binary out of binary code, the binary code i used actually creates the word binary onto the computer


This is similar to the last but has a different concept behind it, that all data is made out of numbers on the computer. I used a large multitude of numbers in this to reflect how many are on the computer


This is using code to create something completely different, like in games when you see a spaceship theres alot of coding and scripting that goes into it to create what it is and make it move. In this idea i used the numbers themselves to create a structure


This is to do with acronyms and how code can be used to make change the way people see things and gain information from them if any at all


Passwords – encryption of some sort thats aims to keep information safe , for which i drew a phone with a common lock screen found on android devices to show that not all code is to do with numbers but patterns too


In the military or for spies they create secret messages to give to them that require a special in in order to read the message it has, code being used too keep secrecy that can also protect people or even a country from harm showing the importance of code


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