Sound And Motion Week 10

My Top Ten Game Themes

Not in any particular order these are my top ten as far as i can remember, ones that have left an impression on me at least

1. Kingdom Hearts – Dearly Beloved, By Taylor Davis

2 Borderlands – Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked, By Cage The Elephant

3 Portal 2 – Want You Gone, By Jonathan Coulton

4 The Legend of Zelda –  Main Theme, By Kōji Kondō

5 BattleBlock Theater – Menu Theme, By Analogik

6 Saints Row 4 – Main Theme, By Malcolm Kirby Jr

7 No More Heroes – N.M.H, By Masafumi Takada, Jun Fukuda

8 Kirby – Green green, By Jun Ishikawa

9 Sonic Unleashed – Endless Possibilities (End game mix), By Tomoya Ohtani, Hideki Kobayashi

10 Xenoblade Chronicles X – Main Theme, By Hiroyuki Sawano


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