Trailer Essay

Creating the trailer needed alot of pre planning, this went into creating a story board and scheduling time to start using the video equipment. Using the equipment itself was not that hard for me as I have used a camcorder before in college to film a documentary, I did however find that I was able to get better quality audio by recording the dialogue separately on a voice recorder. The storyboard was easy for me to follow and I didn’t end up straying from it too much if at all and it was very helpful into guiding my vision of how I wanted the trailer to look as I was gathering footage, even though I forgot to pay attention to if others will be able to understand it, it was easy for my actor to follow its script. I made sure to note down possible camera movement to remind myself too, the thing I did forget was the sound effects each scene would have, if I were to make the storyboard again I will include this as it would have helped alot in the post production.

In the post production I mainly used Adobe Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade and After effects all of which I was able to find online tutorials to help me achieve certain tasks. Premiere Pro was the easiest of the three for me to use, I was able to effectively apply fade in/outs and other effects sure as vocal enhancers, curves and making use of the rate change tool. There was a problem I ran into where the scene looked too bright and I couldn’t use premiere pro effects to fix it, which is where SpeedGrade came in, I was able to import my project into it and adjust the level of lighting through sliders.

After effects I learn to using in order to add the titles, the text appearing from the smoke helps with the mystery theme of the trailer, originally I was going to just zoom into the text put I found that this was more effective. Exporting the sequence was complicated for me, but I managed to get through it. I set it to export in NTSC which runs in 29.97 frames per second as I remembered that my title effects also run in 29.97 frames per second. The soundtrack i used and the noises for the paper and the second knife scene were all royalty free and WAV files so i could get the best quality out of them. The audio that contained the narration is also WAV
After my first export I went and had it reviewed by a few people so I could get feedback on what could be changed, the piece of feedback that stood out was that the lighting in certain scenes needed to change in order to draw the audience away from the location of the scene and focus more on the acting. I was originally going to re-shoot the scene however I was not able to book the equipment so instead I made use of masking in premiere pro to make a certain area of the shot darker while still having a light source. I found the masking to be really effective and easy to use, being able to shape the mask and feather the edges are two features that aided me the most.


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