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Dynamic Communications Week 9

This week we went out into the city to take pictures of objects or buildings that we can later manipulate to spell out the letters of our names, the hardest part of this for me wasnt using photoshop but actually finding what to take pictures of.Week 10.png


In class at the viewing of my trailer i was given feedback on it. My trailer had said to have been very well executed in the use of good sound and composition of my shots. The fact that 90% of my scenes were filmed in the dorms was hidden by the way i angled my shots to only let my audience see what i want them to see, this is something i was aiming for and i am glad i achieved. The movement of the camera was also said to be nice in adding to the trailer’s cinematic feel.
I think i have done very well in creating the board game trailer for Cluedo. The part im most proud of is my storyboard and how i made it easy for myself and others to follow and it aided me really well, my use of post production software also helped make up for things that i forgot to consider while i was gathering footage. Which leads me to what i think i can improve on, my attention to the lighting was quite low while i was filming and i should have taken into consideration light sources and how they would affect the video to save me from having to do so much in the post production. Overall i did enjoy the task and am hoping to apply what i learned into animation.

Sound and Motion Week 8

We were given the task to create a video that portrays fear by editing a clip that was given to us.

i changed the rate of the clip to make it look like he was running and then added panting noises and the sound of footsteps running in the forest. Also some ambient sound to build tension and a scare at the end.