Visual Literacy S2 – Week 1

The first part of the practical session was getting familiar with photoshop, its feature and brushes. The things we went over were things i already knew about but it was a good way to review the software, i did however learn something new which was using the square brackets to resize the brush.

This is the first exercise we did, making a scatter tree using the brush, it was quite easy and i used different colours to add depth.

We experimented with image manipulation and then went on to use these skill into editing an image into a map of either a zoo or holiday location or a game guide, the latter is what i chose.

Two existing maps i have looked at to help me are these:


From this one i learned the use of creating a pathway on the map to guide people


In this one is i can see how important a key is and that it makes for easy referencing without detailed images


For the paths i used spacing on the brush and added a stroke, i changed the colour depending on the location of the path. And made a key the reference to certain locations.


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