Visual Literacy S2 – Week 2

This week was all about creation of tileable textures which are files which can be place next to each other seamlessly to cover alot of a models surface, for example the floor or street in a game.

This is the first texture i created, this one was from scratch. It was made by first creating a 500x500p file with 72 dpi, then using filters to make the initial texture. After activating a grid in the photoshop to create a 4×4 grid. I could use the grid to create a stroke in one of the boxes ad use CTRL+A to duplicate it, after i used the magic wand to select sections i could change the colour of tiles of my choice.



I added a bevel to the tiles after the task was done as i thought it made them look more believable. I think it went really well and i like the result, the colours i chose match with each other well and i was successful in making the texture seamless as below:


The second task involve turning an existing texture into a seamless one. These are the original textures i had to work with:


The base texture is the plain concrete slab (middle) my fisrt step was selecting a square section to edit in a separate file and then using the offset tolls i was able to offset it both vertically and horizontally by 50% which made the edges seamless however it left an obvious cross in the middle of the texture. Masking out the lines was easy as the stamp clone tool allows you to grab an existing area of the texture and use a brush to paste it over somewhere else. This is the result:


Using this file as a base i could add things to it to create different versions of the tile with the drain and crack files provided, using the magic wand, selection tool and eraser i was able to achieve this:


Putting everything i have created together i had successfully made everything seamless, placing in the drains and cracks with help to keep the illusion of the tiled texture and distract the viewer from the repetition.



Putting it together i noticed a line that repeats itself that starts to break the illusion circled above, next time i will make sure to look for areas like this more carefully. But overall i learned alot from this experience and will be able to apply this knowledge to things in the future.

Outside of class i tried making a tilable texture of my own and it turned out well and linked seamlessly. The design itself is random but i only wanted to test if i could remember and create another texture







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