Visual Literacy S2 Week 3

This week was about using our skills from last week to created a scene made up of tiles

First getting the colour palette or the scene was easy, it was selecting area with the eyedropper tool and grouping them base on what they were selected fromf8a15e52096e7ac265808c3d6d201d73.png

I then went on to create the texture for the midground, where the player would move across by layering colours ontop of themselves to create more depth.sky1.png

mid.pngfloor 1.pngbleh.png

I erase parts i didnt need and then used the burn tool to darker the edge of the landscape, creating the cliff required me to elevate a piece of the land and then connect the two with more tiles.

For the background i made a mountain range and trees, the sky was created using the gradient tool and the colours for the sky in the colour palette, i then made mountains using colours that matched the sky, the trees were made in a similar way of using layers to add depth.



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