Dynamic Communications S2 – Week 4

This practical was about learning basic flash features, im already used to using flash and knew about the features that were covered in this class so it was only a recap for me.1.jpg

The first task was about importing to the library and how to move them onto the scene, the library is helpful in flash since everything you import can be found there and dragged onto the scene at any time.


Next was using keyframes to make our artist images appear in sequence above the background, in order to keep the background there while the images changed the keyframe the background was inserting into was lengthened.


The last task was learning how to create a symbol which was easy as right clicking and selecting “convert to symbol”

The assignment for the lecture was finding examples of fonts which fit into the 6 categories and 3 families.


From top to bottom the fonts are: Cutie Patootie Skinny, Rosewood Std, Bernard MT Condensed, Adobe Devangari, Impact and Rockwell Nova

The picture says with font belongs to which category.

I think that the Patootie Font fits well into the script category because it looks handwritten with a pen, it would fall under the type of script that doesn’t connect.-Example Of Script Family

The Rosewood font is decorative as it is distinctive and fun to look at, although they should be used very sparingly for example titles and headings in opposed to paragraphs of text. – Example Of Serif Family

Bernard is modern due to its vertical stress and radical transition from thick to thin and its serifs are thin  and horizontal. The font looks elegant. – Example Of Serif Family

Oldstyle font such as Adobe Devangari represent how a scribe would create its lettering, the angle of the serifs are diagonal and the font shows transitions from thick to thin. – Example Of Serif Family

Impact is a sans serif font, a font without serifs and also no transition between thick and thin. – Example Of Sans Serif Famliy

Rockwell Nova is in the slab serif category, a font with vertical stress and thick lines accompanied by serifs. This was .first used in advertising so that the letters could been seen from a distance. – Example Of Serif Family



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