Camera Angles

Looking at some camera angles i could use in taking shots of my pre visualization scene i recapped and learned what type of connotations they can have.

Establishing shots used in both films and games in order to give the audience or player an idea of the environment they are about to be placed in, this shot is usually a very wide or extreme wide shot. This can be further changed to an angle perpendicular to the ground, in the air but at an angle and then a birds eye view.

Of these shots i will be including the establishing shot that is perpendicular to the ground, since i will be creating a pre visualization centered around a building i do not think that a top down view of the area will give much information about the surroundings

A few more camera angles i am interested are low angle shots and long shots. The low angle shot make the subject seem more powerful or imposing on the viewer, something what will be complementary to a scene with a sinister atmosphere


The long shot can be used to fit alot of information into one scene, i will use this at least twice for inside and outside of the building. Angling it right can create a sense of balance or symmetry  around a point or subject.




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