Deciding to go into my idea of a lab or facility and develop the idea further i have moved onto looking at existing games to see how they use and place objects and lighting to creat an environment and atmosphere.

Portal 1/2

In early parts of the game the game often does not have a visible source of light however the rooms are significantly bright, nearly vibrant however near towards the ends of the game alot of shadows are used to help create the atmosphere, the atmosphere itself makes the player feel more uneasy as they progress through the story and discover secret. The use of shadows is something i will look into making the best out of as it will help with the sinister and uneasy atmosphere im hoping to create with my scene.



The gameplay environment itself in this game, when going into missions etc, wont help my ideas however the facilities available to the player on the ship will help me to identify the types of things one might use when conducting research on things not yet possible in reality.


Payday 2

The third main game i will be drawing inspiration from is Payday 2, the research facility will be located in a shed or small warehouse and payday has plenty of these and can show me how the lighting works in a building as such.


Other games i will be considering looking at are Kerbal space program, Penumbra, Omikron and Half-life


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