Visual Literacy S2 Week 4

Our first lesson in modelling in maya for this class, creating object and going over the controls and functions i knew as well as learning new ones.1.jpg

Our first task in the lesson was to create a bed in the room, we had a short amount of time and only needed to get the basic shape created. I picked up on positioning objects easily and made alot of use of the duplication tool. One thing i need to learn is hoe to move the pivot point of an object which will make modelling alot easier for me when it comes to rotating and scaling.


The second task was creating an “art exhibit” where i learned how to directly manipulate an object to change its actual shape and structure rather than just scaling. I was able to make some interesting shapes and this skill will help a great deal when it comes for me to create my pre-visualization scene. Manipulating the objects went well for the most mart however there were times the object started to “tear” and so i took note that theres a limit to how much i should rotate or enlarge/shrink certain areas.


Top image is my final task in the class to construct an environment, the second picture is something i created at home to test what i’ve learned.


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