Dynamic Communication S2 Week 5

This lecture i was given a task of finding contrasts in text based on Size, Form, Weight, Structure, Direction and Colour


This menu demonstrates contrast in size and structure:

Size – The heading “MENU” and the subheadings are a different size to show the reader that they are titles that tell you what is listed below, using the bigger size to show what is more important.

Structure – At the top of the menu a different font is used for the name of the restaurant, this makes it stand out and lets the reader know that piece of text is not completely relevant to what is below and has a standalone purpose


This one demonstrates use of colour and direction:

Colour: The colour is used in the titles to help the reader deduct that it is a title, the size of the text also helps but the contrast in colour draws attention to the title so that the reader will see it first.

Direction: Paragraphs of text are slanted in different was, this is to make the menu seem more quirky and fun which helps promote a family esque atmosphere for the restaurant.


This leaflet combines use of form and weight:

Form & Weight – There are sections of the text where words are highlighted by changing its form, the way this is don it by increasing the weight of the text, this makes it stand out to the reader and tells them that it is important information that should be taken note of.



I learned how to create buttons using flash, i found it helpful that once you turn a graphic into a button then it’ll let you set different images to use in different stages of the button. For example Setting an image for when the button is untouched, clicked on and hovered over.

Adding the script was simple and i understood what was happening with it, in my own time at home i learned more about this and found out about using buttons to navigate the timeline, also how to reference a button inside of a movie symbol.



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