Visual Literacy S2 Week 5


This class was about lighting and covered some more of maya’s tools. Above is the final outcome of the class

Before the lighting was applied i had to make the table and pots, to do so i learned new tools that i know with help me alot when creating my pre visualization scene. The first of these tools is the extrude tool which is used to directly move a face whilst creating bridges between it and where it was before. Using this i made the table legs by extruding them from the table

At first i made the mistake of selecting the option to extrude the edges instead of the face and it started to tear the model, it took some trial and error but i was able to find what i was doing wrong.

Another two things i learned were for the pots, inserting an edge loop and object smoothing. Using the insert edge loop i could select a circumference along the length of a cylinder and resize it, however this made very rigid edges. This is where i smoothed the mesh to make the pot look more believable. Finally i extruded the top of the pot inwards to create a hole.


For the lighting i added point lights and using the attribute editor to change their strength and colour.

I was able to pick up all these knew features and remember them however it will take time for me to get used to the different types of lighting and how to use them.





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