Visual Literacy Week 9 + Feedback


Today was about learning the possibilities in maya that can be created using curves, i created a thin object almost like a plane that has been bent in various places. I’d imagine this would be very useful in making walls that involve curves. Such as in mazes.


The object has points that hover around it that allow for the shape to be changed into a more softer and flexible look, this would be good for making cloths and clothes though i do not thing i will have either in my pre vis scene.


The curves can also wrap around a mesh and create object such as vases, glasses, bottles etc It wasnt that difficult creating them however the positioning of the curve is the hardest part and trying to visualize ahead of time how the object will look before revolving it. I know i will be using this to create test tubes and beakers to place on tables


This feedback is on my pre visualization scene, i asked a range of people both in person and online to give me their opinion on my scene. By streaming a viewing of my environment online or just showing them. Most of them think that i did a good job with applying the shadows and textures and that the lighting was believable. Everyone however criticized the lack of grass outside and felt it brought down the rest of the scene. To respond to this i will look into how other games add grass into their scenes and do the same for mine.


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