Dynamic Communications S2 Week 6

This week was split into 3 parts, adding parallax again, adding a scroll bar and then adding collectable objects

The first thing i tackled was adding in more parallax into the flash file from the previous week, i found this easier as i already have a feel for it. I was to create a midground that exists between the starry background and the rocket in the foreground. I had a bit of trouble trying to get the script to work however, troubleshooting and looking at the rest of the code helped me to figure it out.

I can remember the steps to create a scroll bar however the task of adding collectable objects i’ll have trouble remembering as of now because im not used to scripting. I was able to follow the instructions to get the collectable items to work but i still had trouble figuring out exactly what i was doing.


-Weeks 6-9 will have no pictures due to an issue with my flash drive becoming corrupt and losing my pictures and flash files in the process-


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