Digital Concept Visualization Week 3

Today was about the use of brush and how to create them from images to use for your artwork, i did know how to create the brushes already however i did get another brush sheet from the class to use in the future.

Below are new brushes i was asked to make:

(From top to bottom)

A brush that leaves little speckles but doesnt spread out too much. I would hope to use this for dirt

A foggy brush, to be used for clouds or light steam

A brush for grass blades, this isnt one that pastes down blades of glass as you run the brush long the canvas, it makes one blade of glass at a time

Thin lines that can be used for scratches in say, metal

Clusters of leaves for bushes and trees



Digital Concept Visualization Week 2

Following the introduction from last week we looked at past submissions from students, i found this to be a great help. Every class i hope to see something a past student has created in order to see what is expected of me. Most of the concept art was interesting to look at, nice colours, contrast, composition etc but there were quite a few that didn’t seem that appealing.

Looking at them i know i need to practice my new style more, in my own time I’ve made a quick study sheet and found inspiration for how i want to approach it.

Class was all about perspective, going over 1, 2 and 3 point perspective, i don’t have much to say about this personally since i had done this already but it was a good reminder.


I also began experimenting with a new style of drawing


Digital Concept Visualization Week 1

In class we basically talked about what was expected of us by the end of the course and filled out a form to help give an idea of how comfortable we are with our drawing skills.

In the practical we practiced drawing from the elbow, hanging up sheets of paper on the wall and then drawing circles, lines, cubes etc. I wasn’t great at it but i wasn’t bad either, though i can say if it helped me since my tablet doesn’t really have enough space for elbow room.

Cant say i didn’t enjoy the class though.



Beginning this class I’ve decided to experiment with a new art style, i drew a few quick images with no line work or real planning just to get a feel for the way i would like to draw