Digital Concept Visualisation Week 4

Breaking down objects into shapes, that’s what we looked at to get into practice visualizing organic shapes in a simpler form and then working up from there.

Going straight to the practical we took an image of a man/woman in a pose and then started of buy using rectangles to make up the body shape, then moving onto sausages and circles and developing even more from there.

Im not too sure if this will help me with drawing a figure because if i can visualize where the rectangles will go then in my opinion i may aswell go straight to making the sketch of the body shape since the shapes arent really there to help with anatomy and just helps you with posing it.

If you don’t know about anatomy then you wont be sure about the length and foreshortening of the rectangles? Not sure if im taking what i need to from this exercise well.

Unfortunately i have lost the Photoshop file for this class so i cant post pictures


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