Digital Concept Visualisation Week 5

This week was getting used to creating different types of materials to use for reference later, portraying texture is important to show information about the picture. the class was starting off with creating a ball of wood and 7 other materials in our own time. i felt i did well in the class but i wanted to retry drawing the wood in the style i am attempting currently.

Material Sheet.png

I think they turned out well considering, In order they are:  Water, rock, dirt, glass, wood, wind, leaves, fire

Following from this i began drawing something else to practice the form of water, i think that i showed movement well though i feel i need to research water similar to this style a bit more so i can make it look a little more convincing.a170f559c4098b8dce43447c520f69a8.png

Some images of inspiration i have taken from are mostly from the games Sonic world and Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD, it differs alot from how ive drawn it but i was looking to learn from it rather than imitate.




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