Digital Concept Visualisation Week 8


Class was about interiors however while i wasn’t as interested since i wanted to create an exterior environment i still practiced it at home. I needed to get used to the forms of rock too since i do not usually draw them and also got the opportunity to try crosshatching to shade

I was also interested by the way isometric level are created and also tried that, first making a grid based image of clusters of quadrilateral shapes, changing its perspective and then developing it. I have not finished the developing part yet but i think i grasp the concept correctly.


The images below are what i feel i need to reference when creating the exterior concept image, forms of rocks, moss, images from games and fantasy drawings aswell and real life images, i have seen good ideas to draw from them such as i notice that in forests the horizon line tends to be both blurry and bright with faint outlines of the tree trunks. Yellows are also incorporated when the greens get hit with direct sunlight.

I want to create an environment that is light enough to see through the forest that expands far to give that sense of there is still ore to explore and you wont know until you go out there and find it. Greenery will show the season int he world, whether leaves are attached to the trees and their colour

for research.png


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