Digital Concept Visualisation Week 9

I started a practice attempt at making a character, drawing out the line work from 3 different angles and i will later work up one of the angles into a colored version using the style i am experimenting with. This will be the first time i have drawn up a character in that style.58615df46ab418658878b5d22c241c11.png

I also tried out another idea im considering on working up, a character that seems a little crazed and out of control however through drawing i felt the character was too alike to existing characters so i most likely will move away from the idea588a696281a28ec1a7d12764f72a8ea2.png417b2c1fd40324905a96b22bce5cca6f.png

I also decided to carry on the idea of my first environment thumbnail into a final render. I want this one to be coloured and when i do a coloured image with the style im using i make a loose linework of what i want to create, i can be more free with brushes and the enviroment this way.

Its more of a guideline than linework just to help me get the composition of the image to work from.




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