Digital Visualisation Week 6

I have thought of the concept of my environment, i  want a forest with and expanse of trees. this location to be an area for a game. From knowledge games with a forest usually have them as areas to grind or you have to pass through it to reach another area of a game. I have kept this in mind and have made quick thumbnail sketches of different ways i can approach this.

Being honest i don’t believe creating thumbnails will help me when i want to create my own drawings and art however i do see its usefulness when it comes to giving another person a selection to choose from


Listing this first as its the one i am most drawn to at the moment, it has a clear indication of where the character would walk and also where the next area would be -the cave


Over looking the forest, it would be a nice shot but harder to show indication of the next area unless i show a city or similar location in the distance


A view from inside the cave looking out to the forest, another one that would work well if i change the view of the forest to a 2 point perspective


This was a slight change to the one overlooking the forest, adding the cliff creates a situation where the forest would become the second area


another where the forest become the next area and also the 2 point perspective can start from the tree in the foreground


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