Digital Concept Visualisation Week 10

finishing my environment image and practice character, i moved onto starting the planning of my character concept for my vehicle and the character im going to make for the course.

I want a character that has a strong personality and i want that to show, a sense of adventure and a background of being affiliated with pirates. My first idea was to sketch out a few poses im considering and weight the pros and cons of them all. I will probably not go with these exact poses but the line art will be based off of them


  1. running pose, i can use this with a focused expression suggesting the character is running toward something or after someone
  2. on hand on the hip and the other on the shoulder, can use this for covering a wound showing the character has been in combat
  3. a kick, usable to show physical strength is the character go to option
  4. a sword slash from the hip to shoulder height
  5. planting the sword in front of them into the ground
  6. a lunge forward
  7. standing withe arms crossed, body language and facial expression can be using in combination to show arrogance
  8. planting the sword in the ground to the side of them
  9. a fist up ready to fight pose to show eagerness and also physical strength

My sketches for my choice of vehicle are experimenting with small ideas and the body of the vehicle. I am going with a futuristic vehicle based off of a car, i haven’t drawn cars before so i think this will be a good opportunity to try. I will be focusing a bit more on the functionality of the car more than its story.

I later realized that the thumbnails were more of progression than of variants, but i did learn and take ideas from previous sketches to get to the final one


External picture:


My practice character:

dan smith.png


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