Digital Concept Visualisation Week 11

I moved onto my mood boards to help get ideas flowing for my concepts



The first one was for my vehicle, taking inspiration from machines and forms then incorporating movement into the car using boosters, looking for inspiration i was reminded of Rocket League which uses boost as a way to get around the map. however it also has wheels for the car too which i want to move away from. The front of the Lamborghini looks like it splits in two. I tried to emphasize that gap and add a weapon to increase the self defense of the car. It using boosters to get around it would make more sence for the vehicle to become a nimble battle machine than a casual far to be used in the future. Its futuristic look is to further portray the time gap needed for technology to advance to create a machine like so.

The second mood board is for the character, i want to include elements related to sealife with this character since i want to show ties with pirates or at least indications of life at sea. I’ve shown a pirate here as i need look at how they dress but also what types of things they would carry, i will probably not look to use too many or any cliches such as a parrot. Harpoons i found to have an intersting shape and i thought to style the hair based on them and the sword.



The shark mask is an idea i got from the runescape armor in my moodboard, i also chose the lunging pose from the selection i made so i could use a rapier that is also modelled after a harpoon.

Before carrying on with the main idea in my mind i tried another design to get it out of my head and onto a canvas to see if this is a different different direction i would like to take but decided against it.



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