Week 1 Computer Arts Practice

My project will be a character creation study revolving around the seven deadly sins: Wrath, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Envy, Greed, Gluttony. Kicking of my project i went into gathering visual research for each of them and also finding things that are linked to each of these sins.



I looked into things such as weak posture, tired eyes, a lack of consideration of what they are wearing. Things linked to either sleep and lack of effort.

My notes on the sin:

  • Laziness, inability to move
  • Lack of interest, looking away from viewer
  • Generally untidy
  • Shirks duties
  • Lacks wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, piety, fortitude
  • Relaxed calm eyes
  • Collected
  • Aspects of sleeping – moon, night, zzZ, snot bubble, closed eyes

The animal sloth is linked with is a snail, which personally i found strange. So i switched the animal to a sloth. Its sloth feature are the claws on his hand.




Envy is probably going to be the hardest one of the 7 to do visual research on as it is not much of a visual thing.

Notes on Envy:

  • Green
  • trying to take something from the viewer
  • Has something already but wants a better version
  • Many eyes to look for better objects
  • Looks excited looking at a better object, annoyed if another is holding it

With these ideas in mind i made my first sketch, i followed the idea of many eyes and made it seem like he had many different limbs but still wanted more. however it felt like it was too closely linked to greed. My second design i liked a lot more.

Envy is closely linked with a snake and i have made that into his tail. He is already holding a rock but is turning his attention to the much larger one.




As an additional note, i feel like the blocked shading with the line art would be good for me to use when taking a sketch one step further. It’s quick and adds that element of depth. Since i am happy with this method i am going to sketch out my ideas for the next sins and work them all up later.



Greed is most commonly linked to possessions and money. Wanting more when you already have enough.

Notes on Greed:

  • Sacks of money
  • Wanting more – begging, holding out hands
  • Deception to gain more
  • Being bound/ hindranced by their want for money – maybe being crushed by their amount of gold
  • The idea of more money excites them

To follow these ideas I’ve included the two sacks of money, with chains binding themselves to the character to show how addicted to it they are. The character is a “child” with two faces, the one that people see is innocent and is used to deceive, the actual face is on the back. The hands are cupped and reaching out as if they are asking for more.

Greed is linked with the toad, another animal i find strange to be linked to it however i ran with it, giving the second face an extremely long tongue. A magpie might’ve been a better animal.



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