Computer Arts Practice Week 4

Rendering Envy was quicker than Sloth however i still feel like something was off about my current way of shading. I will probably be moving onto a shading study next in order to further improve my 2D workflow as i would like to be more efficient and comfortable with shading.

This time i took colour into consideration, using greens to fit that theme of Envy.caa9ba939b4fa7dd671e71fde7cf35cf.png

Again i have created the 3D representation of the drawing, at this point i feel like i am definitely capable of turning 2D into 3D and i will move more focus into other areas of my character study since i think this aspect of it is in a good place.

Another thing i want to note is that these models and drawings, some future ones too may end up unfinished with the exception of drawings and models linked to Wrath, this is because i am using the other sins to polish ans practice upon my overall character creation workflow and then demonstrating what i know and have learned in the end using Wrath.







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