Week 13 Computer Arts Practice



3D View:


2D Conception



Starting with the line art, I developed on the sketch by adding more elements to suit his character. The broken and deformed leg to show that not even pain can stop the character, that and the addition of the tongue portray him as even more crazed. His eyes no longer have pupils, a play on the phrase “blind rage”.


Next i blocked in the shape and began to render the image using the style i picked up in the last month. the direction of light has been chosen and i felt it was going well.


I rendered the rest of the image next, i added more contrast to the skin and made it a bit warmer to completment the more vibrant colours of the image. The overall warm tone adds to that feeling of boiling anger. I had the idea of incorporating fire, an already chaotic thing found in nature. His “eyebrows” make use of the colour to make it seem as if he is expelling fire from his face. The spikes on his head are also heated and inspired by a punk mohawk. And finally i made the eyes bloodshot.

I think this character is a good representation of the sin Wrath. To make sure i have asked people which of the deadly sins they think it represents.

3D Creation


GIF: https://gyazo.com/d80a116b96dbed44643d458563260957

I began the 3D model by first blocking out the overall shape of the body. The other features of the character will be created separate from the main body so they have their own mesh.


GIF: https://gyazo.com/95aa170845890dc37c984a0bd5af7596

I’ve developed the model further while adding the eyes. the hardest part i had was creating the shape of the neck and making it look believable. I think i have done well in both giving the character a humanoid figure with believable proportions and keeping it true to the drawing so far. I gave the character good muscle definition to show its strength but still keeping him relatively thin.



GIF: https://gyazo.com/d1a4932e428ea4577cd2ed1c631bb5d4

I finished creating the other elements and took the model into substance painter. The colours do a great job of drawing attention to the face, the main point of anger in comparison to lust where attention needs to be drawn to the body. I am satisfied with its likeness to the original drawing.

I made sure to use a lower poly model and then adding the normal map of the higher poly model on top. I had also created a UV map for it.


The final and last step is posing, in which i brought the model into Maya and created a quick skeleton for it and skinning the character to it. Here you can also see the topology for the model is good for deformation and low enough to be in a game as for example a still of the character that needs to be viewed at close range in a character select screen.

I had also brought back the smashing the ground aspect from the sketch and made that in Maya also.




Week 12 Computer Arts Practice

This week i dedicated to getting in a few more practice drawings and a 3D model to experiment before starting on the pipeline for wrath.




I’m getting a lot more used to drawing in this way even though i know there is still more room i guess it is just a matter of practice. I’ve begun to pick up on little things i could do better or change and this definitely helped me overall.

I had also created another practice 3D model for Pride. This model i also tried something different in zBrush, making use of the dynamesh for blocking out and append to create a sort of “layer” system so certain parts had their own mesh group.






With what i have learned and practiced i feel comfortable to move onto making a full character pipeline production of the representation of wrath next week.