Week 13 Computer Arts Practice



3D View:


2D Conception



Starting with the line art, I developed on the sketch by adding more elements to suit his character. The broken and deformed leg to show that not even pain can stop the character, that and the addition of the tongue portray him as even more crazed. His eyes no longer have pupils, a play on the phrase “blind rage”.


Next i blocked in the shape and began to render the image using the style i picked up in the last month. the direction of light has been chosen and i felt it was going well.


I rendered the rest of the image next, i added more contrast to the skin and made it a bit warmer to completment the more vibrant colours of the image. The overall warm tone adds to that feeling of boiling anger. I had the idea of incorporating fire, an already chaotic thing found in nature. His “eyebrows” make use of the colour to make it seem as if he is expelling fire from his face. The spikes on his head are also heated and inspired by a punk mohawk. And finally i made the eyes bloodshot.

I think this character is a good representation of the sin Wrath. To make sure i have asked people which of the deadly sins they think it represents.

3D Creation


GIF: https://gyazo.com/d80a116b96dbed44643d458563260957

I began the 3D model by first blocking out the overall shape of the body. The other features of the character will be created separate from the main body so they have their own mesh.


GIF: https://gyazo.com/95aa170845890dc37c984a0bd5af7596

I’ve developed the model further while adding the eyes. the hardest part i had was creating the shape of the neck and making it look believable. I think i have done well in both giving the character a humanoid figure with believable proportions and keeping it true to the drawing so far. I gave the character good muscle definition to show its strength but still keeping him relatively thin.



GIF: https://gyazo.com/d1a4932e428ea4577cd2ed1c631bb5d4

I finished creating the other elements and took the model into substance painter. The colours do a great job of drawing attention to the face, the main point of anger in comparison to lust where attention needs to be drawn to the body. I am satisfied with its likeness to the original drawing.

I made sure to use a lower poly model and then adding the normal map of the higher poly model on top. I had also created a UV map for it.


The final and last step is posing, in which i brought the model into Maya and created a quick skeleton for it and skinning the character to it. Here you can also see the topology for the model is good for deformation and low enough to be in a game as for example a still of the character that needs to be viewed at close range in a character select screen.

I had also brought back the smashing the ground aspect from the sketch and made that in Maya also.




Week 12 Computer Arts Practice

This week i dedicated to getting in a few more practice drawings and a 3D model to experiment before starting on the pipeline for wrath.




I’m getting a lot more used to drawing in this way even though i know there is still more room i guess it is just a matter of practice. I’ve begun to pick up on little things i could do better or change and this definitely helped me overall.

I had also created another practice 3D model for Pride. This model i also tried something different in zBrush, making use of the dynamesh for blocking out and append to create a sort of “layer” system so certain parts had their own mesh group.






With what i have learned and practiced i feel comfortable to move onto making a full character pipeline production of the representation of wrath next week.


Computer Arts Practice Week 11


This is Pride rendered in a second attempt of the style of drawing i tried last week, more worked up and refined. I will continue to explore this method of drawing, since i feel like Ive caught onto it quicker than the previous style. at the moment i am looking at artists like WLOP and Shal.E since they draw in a similar way to this. My line art can also be less constricted this way.

As for the character I removed the skin and muscle on the legs which is the biggest difference from the sketch, i wanted to add more of a monstrous look as he is still a representation of a sin.

Even though this drawing did not take long i could not progress further this week.

Computer Arts Practice Week 9


Next is Gluttony, using the same method as last week i have rendered the character however a lot more contrasting and saturated to make him look more menacing. I thought i had found a good method to render the characters but the style did not turn out quite like i was hoping for so i tried a different approach as seen below.

It isn’t as clean as the render above and is also a bit unfinished however it was much more quicker for me to draw this was and felt more expressive too, i was able to use colours in different ways from before, drawing with them rather than adding them later.



Computer Arts Practice Week 8


Continuing on from the shading study last week i have further progress the Lust character. above and below are my two shading attempts, the above one being incomplete but you can still see the direction on the leg. I felt that the tones o the drawing in the above were too separated, maybe it could have turned into a style if i developed it further? But personally it didn’t feel right to me. I found the direction i took below to be much better.


I shade out the gray scale version of the character and then add colour to it later. To fit with the earlier themes of lust i have explored i used a cow print on her sleeves and tail. Though the method of gray scaling and then adding colour felt a bit awkward to me since it was hard to find the right colours. At this point i’m not sure if it is a problem with the method or my own sense of colour or both but i will look into it in the later weeks.


Computer Arts Practice Week 6


Above is the line art for Greed and below, my shaping attempts. Being honest it felt like a mess doing this but i was able to experiment a lot to find what i did or did not like. In the first shading image the waviness of the sack looked nice to an extent but to me it seemed a little too exaggerated. I tried many ways of shading and up to this point this was the best one and it okay but i wanted to try something else.

In the second image the sack and the girl are two separate shading attempts. Of the two i liked the one on the right better, it had more contrast and sharper edges for identifying form. this shading was inspired by an artist i found online who goes by the name of Saige199



I moved onto the next character for a fresh start. this time around i made the line art a bit more cleaner to make it easier more me later. Using the shaping process i liked earlier i began to block it out and add in the shadows to establish a light source.



Computer Arts Practice Week 5

This week i have deviated from my usual work in order to practice drawing the human form, i felt like i needed to find a system that works for me. this might also help when it comes to creating Wrath as his body is humanoid.


I started with a few sketches to see where i needed improving and i seemed i needed a better way for me to block out poses.



I found that using up a sphere, cuboid and triangular prism worked for me the most when creating poses and proportions. It is also quick to draw or move parts around to tweak the pose if i need too, most of all it feels natural to me.


Computer Arts Practice Week 4

Rendering Envy was quicker than Sloth however i still feel like something was off about my current way of shading. I will probably be moving onto a shading study next in order to further improve my 2D workflow as i would like to be more efficient and comfortable with shading.

This time i took colour into consideration, using greens to fit that theme of Envy.caa9ba939b4fa7dd671e71fde7cf35cf.png

Again i have created the 3D representation of the drawing, at this point i feel like i am definitely capable of turning 2D into 3D and i will move more focus into other areas of my character study since i think this aspect of it is in a good place.

Another thing i want to note is that these models and drawings, some future ones too may end up unfinished with the exception of drawings and models linked to Wrath, this is because i am using the other sins to polish ans practice upon my overall character creation workflow and then demonstrating what i know and have learned in the end using Wrath.







Computer Arts Practice Week 3

I rendered the sloth character, i feel like it turned out great however it look way too long for my liking and it kept changing the way i shaded and had to go back and correct it. This i will touch on more later when i research into shading.

The reds help to give it that brutal kind of feeling which might be good considering it is a sin however i feel that it might’ve been a better idea to go with blues to further represent sloth.


Next i began to create sloth as a 3D model to see how well i could convert 2d into 3D, it was going reasonably well in that regard. I didn’t feel like i had much trouble with the conversion and had a good grasp on how to go about it. However i feel i need more practice with 3D modelling itself.

All in all it was good practice for when i do my final deliverable.






Wrath is another i did not need much to get a good idea of how i wanted to portray it

Notes on Wrath:

  • Misplaced or uncontrollable rage
  • Red
  • Emphasis on eyes, expression
  • Crazed, unstoppable
  • Scrappy or Bulky – small, thin and crazed or huge, bulky and powerful
  • Intimidating
  • Dangerous

Wrath is the last of the seven sins i am researching so it will be the one i will used for my deliverable. The rest being used for practice.

Wrath is in the air and smashing the ground which shows both his strength and taking out anger on objects. His eyes are also unfocused giving that crazed look, along with sharp claws and hair it gives off the feeling of not wanting to get close to him. The hair also takes after a punk style which many consider to be an overall “angry” fashion.

This sin is linked with the bear, i imagine it is because of power.



Week 2 Computer Arts Practice



When i think of pride i think of those who have it in their country such as royalty or soldiers in the army.

Notes on Pride:

  • head held high
  • Royalty -robes, crown, scepter
  • Medals and achievements
  • A symbol they respect
  • Beauty

For pride the first thing i wanted to give the character is a good posture, straight and proud. for that i have given him a scepter which has an emblem, the emblem itself doesn’t represent anything to other people but it might to the character, the straight object helps emphasize the posture. I have also given him long legs for a similar reason. trophies and medals are embedded in his leg to portray that they are a part of him.

Pride is represented by either the lion or the peacock. I chose the lion and made that his head.


Additional Note: At this point i have started to realise that it is also important to consider what the character is doing in order to show more of their personality, i feel it had worked well with pride.



Gluttony was is an easier on of the sins for me to get a grasp on and i feel i didn’t need much research to spark my idea.

Notes on Gluttony

  • Large – overweight, bigger shapes
  • Emphasis on teeth
  • Food shown – eating or hoarding
  • Messy, sloppy, unsightly
  • Cares more about food than anything else
  • Heavy

For gluttony i had to have the charterer eating, which is probably the main thing that links him to the sin when people first see it. Large sharp teeth that cut through food, and i have also made his ears into wings, the reason for this is as with bees scientists saw that their wings should not be able to support their body weight yet they still fly to move. the same idea i have applied here.



-Not sure if its safe to post the visual research for lust as coursework or on this site so i wont-

Notes on Lust:

  • Emphasis on the body – curvy female, well toned male
  • Human for familiarity
  • Pose that shows playfulness or vain
  • Succubus – horns, hooves, wings
  • Sexual

For lust i felt the pose was especially important as well as the facial expression, i put more time into researching these than the other aspects in order to draw emphasis to her body. Her tail leads through her thighs and breast with also draws attention to those two areas and her eyes look directly at the viewer. I did add a wing however i feel i may remove it later as I’m not sure it adds anything.

Lust is linked with the cow or goat. In which case i have chosen to use the cow. Her tail and ears follow that theme and also her feet are like hooves but also shaped to look similar to high heeled shoes.