Digital Concept Visualisation Week 12

I have finished the linework and shading of my vehicle and character, the pictures will have the annotations of what changes i made and what i kept


For the vehicle i didnt change too much from the end of my development thumbnails, i have a fuel source for the car on the back of it in the form of tanks, boosters that aim downwards and away from the front for mobility and keeping it off of the ground and also the front boosters have a hole they can retract or turn into which gives the vehicle the ability to steer.


For the character concept i have not changed much from the initial sketch, i have worked up the boots and included heels, loosly designed her rapier after a harpoon. Change it so the mask is covering her bad eye and a few extra design choices i’ll address in the shaded image.



Digital Concept Visualisation Week 11

I moved onto my mood boards to help get ideas flowing for my concepts



The first one was for my vehicle, taking inspiration from machines and forms then incorporating movement into the car using boosters, looking for inspiration i was reminded of Rocket League which uses boost as a way to get around the map. however it also has wheels for the car too which i want to move away from. The front of the Lamborghini looks like it splits in two. I tried to emphasize that gap and add a weapon to increase the self defense of the car. It using boosters to get around it would make more sence for the vehicle to become a nimble battle machine than a casual far to be used in the future. Its futuristic look is to further portray the time gap needed for technology to advance to create a machine like so.

The second mood board is for the character, i want to include elements related to sealife with this character since i want to show ties with pirates or at least indications of life at sea. I’ve shown a pirate here as i need look at how they dress but also what types of things they would carry, i will probably not look to use too many or any cliches such as a parrot. Harpoons i found to have an intersting shape and i thought to style the hair based on them and the sword.



The shark mask is an idea i got from the runescape armor in my moodboard, i also chose the lunging pose from the selection i made so i could use a rapier that is also modelled after a harpoon.

Before carrying on with the main idea in my mind i tried another design to get it out of my head and onto a canvas to see if this is a different different direction i would like to take but decided against it.


Digital Concept Visualisation Week 10

finishing my environment image and practice character, i moved onto starting the planning of my character concept for my vehicle and the character im going to make for the course.

I want a character that has a strong personality and i want that to show, a sense of adventure and a background of being affiliated with pirates. My first idea was to sketch out a few poses im considering and weight the pros and cons of them all. I will probably not go with these exact poses but the line art will be based off of them


  1. running pose, i can use this with a focused expression suggesting the character is running toward something or after someone
  2. on hand on the hip and the other on the shoulder, can use this for covering a wound showing the character has been in combat
  3. a kick, usable to show physical strength is the character go to option
  4. a sword slash from the hip to shoulder height
  5. planting the sword in front of them into the ground
  6. a lunge forward
  7. standing withe arms crossed, body language and facial expression can be using in combination to show arrogance
  8. planting the sword in the ground to the side of them
  9. a fist up ready to fight pose to show eagerness and also physical strength

My sketches for my choice of vehicle are experimenting with small ideas and the body of the vehicle. I am going with a futuristic vehicle based off of a car, i haven’t drawn cars before so i think this will be a good opportunity to try. I will be focusing a bit more on the functionality of the car more than its story.

I later realized that the thumbnails were more of progression than of variants, but i did learn and take ideas from previous sketches to get to the final one


External picture:


My practice character:

dan smith.png

Digital Concept Visualisation Week 9

I started a practice attempt at making a character, drawing out the line work from 3 different angles and i will later work up one of the angles into a colored version using the style i am experimenting with. This will be the first time i have drawn up a character in that style.58615df46ab418658878b5d22c241c11.png

I also tried out another idea im considering on working up, a character that seems a little crazed and out of control however through drawing i felt the character was too alike to existing characters so i most likely will move away from the idea588a696281a28ec1a7d12764f72a8ea2.png417b2c1fd40324905a96b22bce5cca6f.png

I also decided to carry on the idea of my first environment thumbnail into a final render. I want this one to be coloured and when i do a coloured image with the style im using i make a loose linework of what i want to create, i can be more free with brushes and the enviroment this way.

Its more of a guideline than linework just to help me get the composition of the image to work from.



Digital Concept Visualisation Week 8


Class was about interiors however while i wasn’t as interested since i wanted to create an exterior environment i still practiced it at home. I needed to get used to the forms of rock too since i do not usually draw them and also got the opportunity to try crosshatching to shade

I was also interested by the way isometric level are created and also tried that, first making a grid based image of clusters of quadrilateral shapes, changing its perspective and then developing it. I have not finished the developing part yet but i think i grasp the concept correctly.


The images below are what i feel i need to reference when creating the exterior concept image, forms of rocks, moss, images from games and fantasy drawings aswell and real life images, i have seen good ideas to draw from them such as i notice that in forests the horizon line tends to be both blurry and bright with faint outlines of the tree trunks. Yellows are also incorporated when the greens get hit with direct sunlight.

I want to create an environment that is light enough to see through the forest that expands far to give that sense of there is still ore to explore and you wont know until you go out there and find it. Greenery will show the season int he world, whether leaves are attached to the trees and their colour

for research.png

Digital Visualisation Week 6

I have thought of the concept of my environment, i  want a forest with and expanse of trees. this location to be an area for a game. From knowledge games with a forest usually have them as areas to grind or you have to pass through it to reach another area of a game. I have kept this in mind and have made quick thumbnail sketches of different ways i can approach this.

Being honest i don’t believe creating thumbnails will help me when i want to create my own drawings and art however i do see its usefulness when it comes to giving another person a selection to choose from


Listing this first as its the one i am most drawn to at the moment, it has a clear indication of where the character would walk and also where the next area would be -the cave


Over looking the forest, it would be a nice shot but harder to show indication of the next area unless i show a city or similar location in the distance


A view from inside the cave looking out to the forest, another one that would work well if i change the view of the forest to a 2 point perspective


This was a slight change to the one overlooking the forest, adding the cliff creates a situation where the forest would become the second area


another where the forest become the next area and also the 2 point perspective can start from the tree in the foreground

Digital Concept Visualisation Week 5

This week was getting used to creating different types of materials to use for reference later, portraying texture is important to show information about the picture. the class was starting off with creating a ball of wood and 7 other materials in our own time. i felt i did well in the class but i wanted to retry drawing the wood in the style i am attempting currently.

Material Sheet.png

I think they turned out well considering, In order they are:  Water, rock, dirt, glass, wood, wind, leaves, fire

Following from this i began drawing something else to practice the form of water, i think that i showed movement well though i feel i need to research water similar to this style a bit more so i can make it look a little more convincing.a170f559c4098b8dce43447c520f69a8.png

Some images of inspiration i have taken from are mostly from the games Sonic world and Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD, it differs alot from how ive drawn it but i was looking to learn from it rather than imitate.



Digital Concept Visualisation Week 4

Breaking down objects into shapes, that’s what we looked at to get into practice visualizing organic shapes in a simpler form and then working up from there.

Going straight to the practical we took an image of a man/woman in a pose and then started of buy using rectangles to make up the body shape, then moving onto sausages and circles and developing even more from there.

Im not too sure if this will help me with drawing a figure because if i can visualize where the rectangles will go then in my opinion i may aswell go straight to making the sketch of the body shape since the shapes arent really there to help with anatomy and just helps you with posing it.

If you don’t know about anatomy then you wont be sure about the length and foreshortening of the rectangles? Not sure if im taking what i need to from this exercise well.

Unfortunately i have lost the Photoshop file for this class so i cant post pictures

Digital Concept Visualization Week 3

Today was about the use of brush and how to create them from images to use for your artwork, i did know how to create the brushes already however i did get another brush sheet from the class to use in the future.

Below are new brushes i was asked to make:

(From top to bottom)

A brush that leaves little speckles but doesnt spread out too much. I would hope to use this for dirt

A foggy brush, to be used for clouds or light steam

A brush for grass blades, this isnt one that pastes down blades of glass as you run the brush long the canvas, it makes one blade of glass at a time

Thin lines that can be used for scratches in say, metal

Clusters of leaves for bushes and trees


Digital Concept Visualization Week 2

Following the introduction from last week we looked at past submissions from students, i found this to be a great help. Every class i hope to see something a past student has created in order to see what is expected of me. Most of the concept art was interesting to look at, nice colours, contrast, composition etc but there were quite a few that didn’t seem that appealing.

Looking at them i know i need to practice my new style more, in my own time I’ve made a quick study sheet and found inspiration for how i want to approach it.

Class was all about perspective, going over 1, 2 and 3 point perspective, i don’t have much to say about this personally since i had done this already but it was a good reminder.


I also began experimenting with a new style of drawing