Dynamic Communications S2 Week 9

I learned useful things in this lesson, not useful to my project but it will definitely help me in the future. The task in general was to animate a character and have it preform different actions based on which button you press.

The character itself was split into 14 parts to make it more flexible to animate with, once the keyframes were flagged and name then i could assign my different animations to keys:

Left and right – Move left or right

Up – Head inflates then eventually pops

Down – The splits

Space – Jump

It was a hard task to get into at the very beginning but by the end of it i was adding more commands than the task asked for, so id say i adapted well.

-Weeks 6-9 will have no pictures due to an issue with my flash drive becoming corrupt and losing my pictures and flash files in the process-


Dynamic Communications S2 Week 8

This week was about adding sound, the first part was easy to pick up. Importing sound is barely that different from importing an image, which we went over a couple of weeks ago.

Having audio play through use of the script is new to me though and it is something that i hope to put to use in my interpretation if i have time, this part of using the script i understood well and how instance and references worked together

-Weeks 6-9 will have no pictures due to an issue with my flash drive becoming corrupt and losing my pictures and flash files in the process-

Dynamic Communications – Week 7

This week it was all about reviewing each others blogs, giving ways we can improve and finding examples for ourselves on how we can improve our blogs. What I’ve taken away from the feedback is that i need to crop my images that i have taken and i also need to post links on which projects i had drawn inspiration from which creating my kickstarter project.

Dynamic Communications Week 6

This lecture was honestly a little confusing to me, i have work to catch up on so i will review the lecture notes later and add an edit to this post. We looked at logos again in more depth to their design and meaning, it is important to use continuity in your logos and the shapes of said logo in order to avoid confusion, for example using a green circle in one logo and a yellow triangle in the other will be likely to make the audience think the logos belong to two separate companies.

Speaking of which incongruous and mixed branding can also be confusing due to how many different signals it gives to the audience, if it inst clear enough if the companies are working together or if the branding is advertising the surrounding logos or if it is just there as a standalone logo. I’ll need to know this for if my campaign will have sponsors and will make me consider how i will display their logos in a way what wont be misunderstood.

In the next class i got even more familiar with using illustrator, we created typography that filled the page and the nature of the typography was to express the word we had to edit creatively.

This time around it was much more easier to use the software though i did forget to switch to the layout that i saved in the last lesson.


Dizzy.pngtired.pngGreedy.pngRep.pngHot Cold.png

Dynamic Communications Week 5

I saw example of other companies logos and how they have changed over the years in the lecture class, some of the reasons being that the logo may have had unwanted connotations due to its design and also the colour pallete used is specific in a sense that the company uses the meanings of those colours to further the appeal of the logo. Logo’s are also best to be minimalist in opposed to very detailed, this is because of both the fact that when you shrink the logo down you will still be able to see it clearly whereas a detailed logo will become less clear, also logo’s that use less colours will take less money to print and reproduce.

If i am to take anything away from that for my own logo it is that the colours are important if i want to successfully get the feel and message of my kickstarter campaign across to my audience. I am not planning to make my logo very complicated and will limit it to 3 colours at most, because of this i dont think that the image of my logo will have any connotations that will reflect badly on my product.

In the practical we learned about illustrator, it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. In the past i really avoided using it because i was used to using photoshop. We started off my getting a feel of the layout, i managed to create a custom desktop layout that i can switch to and it will make the tools i need easier to access.

To get used to the software we were told to create 35 different unique shapes using the shape tool and the anchor tool, after we had completed that we were to move onto creating a logo. I wasn’t too great at using the anchor tool but i gradually learned more about how it worked and selecting the right parts.


Dynamic Communiaction Week 4

Simple drawings and sketches can quickly explain the point you are tying to make when it comes to art and design, for example in the lecture we had about a minute to draw a simplified version of a file window on the computer, if we were writing or talking about the layout it would take much longer to explain. Key elements of the sketches are important for communication too, such as expressions or drawing lines to represent movement

We put these ideas into practice in the practical, creating a 6 panel series of instructions on how to boil an egg without using words or numbers. I did not find it that difficult to explain the process using pictures however it did take a bit of time to figure out how to show time passing without using numbers.

The first image is of the instructions i did on my own, and the second is the final set of instructions that my group collaborated on.

IMAG1558IMAG15561st Box – We showed everything you need to start, an egg in hand and pouring water into the pan

2nd Box – We added a clock and flames under the pan to show it being on the stove, with a few lines to signify steam

3rd Box – Another clock was added to show the passage of time, with more steam to show the water is more hot

4th Box – We show that you need something to take the egg out so you dont burn yourself

5th & 6th Box – We had an issue with these since at the 5th stage some would consider the egg ready while some would peel the egg in the 6th box.

Dynamic Communications Week 3

In the lecture went over what makes a decent skecthbook, it must contain all our ideas both good and bad and show how we have gradually developed our ideas. While i was watching the videos on how current artists and designers build up their sketchbook and in my opinion their skecthbooks look really full, as in you can see what ideas they were trying to explore, using pictures, colours and annotations. I have used a skecthbook before in college but the way i structured it was very different from how these artists used theirs, for this course i decided i will make it for like the sketchbooks shown and experiment with textures too.

In the lab we expanded on an idea that we can use in sketchbooks, moodboards. we were to choose from one of three themes, i have long since forgotten the other two however the one i chose was A New Chapter. Before the creation of the mood board i made a quick spider diagram to gather my thoughts.


I then paired up with someone and shared my ideas, i found this very productive since or ideas merged together very well. My idea of using a book was used and their idea of using colour to separate the old and the new pages from each other. We both decided using our separate pages to create a collaboration and using an overall theme of gaming pictures to tie all the images together.


Dynamic Communications Week 2

In the lecture i learned what made a well designed and poorly designed blog. Colour is important and its best to stick to a colour scheme that is not too bright, making sure the text is able to be read and stands out enough from the colour that it is placed on, i was an example of a website that did not do this correctly and it was so difficult to read most of it and the colours strained my eyes and was overwhelming. I learned that my choice of colours can be guided by the theme i choose for my blog and audience. Other do’s and dont’s were address and i kept note of them in hopes that i create a decently designed blog.

The practical session was for us to set up our blogs and customize them, i had already done it by the time the class started so i just fiddled around with a bit more and experimented with WordPress further.

Dynamic Communications Week 1

As a class we went through what we would be doing in the class over the term and what we will need, then the project was introduced. We have to create a kickstarter project, doing research and designing images and the products. What we based the kickstarter project on is entirely up to us. we looked at examples which game me a good idea for what i wanted to produce and looking at already existing kickstarters helped me to think creatively about my own.

In our practical class we drew black squares, it seemed weird to me at first but the idea behind the class was pretty interesting. I had to draw 4 black squares to represent each of the words:

Excited, Paranoid, Tired, Congested, Playful and Order

Here is what i drew:


Top – Order, Congested   Middle – Playful, Excited   Bottom – Paranoid, Tired

After that we got into groups and using a different groups images we were to collectively decide which one was the best solution to the word. This helped me get used to gathering ideas in a group to find one outcome, something i will most likely need in my future and current classes.

I was surprised to see how many people drew the four boxes in the same way for one of the words, some even drew the same as me but put them under a different word than I chose.

My Groups Solutions:

DC Week 1-2

Top – Order, Playful   Middle – Paranoid, Congested   Bottom – Excited, Tired